Reaching the ‘Pre-Fusion’».

Session nr.13 of 17 March 2012 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: E-Maya, B-Maya, Cyril and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.


Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2, «The Voice of The Eternal Son»


Kuwaya spoke after 1h40min             Total time meditation: 2h16min.


KUWAYA: Hello, this is Kuwaya here my children, The Voice of The Eternal Son. I am the first Original Son of the Universal Father. I am born from Him and I administer everything that is ‘spiritual’. I express the ideas of the Universal Father. I am "The Word" of your Bibles.

Before The Father issued the command to create human beings in his own image who wanted to become like Him from their own will, He asked me what I thought of it and I immediately agreed. Then I expressed His desire in words and movements and to materialize everything we created together The Infinite Spirit.


The Infinite Spirit is like a great Mom. The Infinite Spirit is the God of action and manipulates all Energies. She created all Superuniverses, all local universes and all the material worlds through those Celestial Beings she did put in existence for this purpose.


The first thing she materialized was the Isle of Paradise with Havona and its perfect worlds circulating around Paradise. Then The Infinite Spirit created the Seven Master Spirits who created each a Superunivers they administer from Havona.


As Pure Energy and Pure Spirit are one in The Universal Father, it was necessary to split both to create the material worlds. To be able to reunite afterwards matter-energy and Spirit, there was a need for Mind- intelligence- thought, that could range from the animal to the human level and from the human level to the Cosmic Mind which is distributed by the Master Spirits so that the ascending human souls can understand in time all the secrets of the universes while they spiritualize more and more.


The Infinite Spirit is the Absolute Mind and distributes it via the Master Spirits as the Cosmic Mind and via Her Daughters, the Mother Spirits of the local universes through the 'Adjutant Mind Spirits '.


The Universal Father can give Fragments of Him to the mortals of the planets when their mind-intelligence and spiritual aspirations are ready to receive such a gift. These are your God Fragments or Thought Adjusters that were fragmented before the creation of the universes. They are composed of Pure Energy and Pure Spirit like the Universal Father.


The Infinite Mother Spirit can also fragment and confer individualized portions of Her ‘Self” to human souls in ascension through Her Daughters, the Mother Spirits of the local universes.


I, The Eternal Son or Eternal Son-Mother, I cannot fragment. I mainly deal with the administration of what is Spiritual and I keep in hand all what is Spiritual and are Spiritualized Values.


I create with The Universal Father Creator Sons of the Order of Michael's. These Creator Sons manage and organize local universes and yours is called Christ Michael.


When We create together a Creator Son, the Universal Father causes a reaction within The Infinite Spirit that creates automatically the Conjoint of this Creator Son. He will meet this perfect companion for him when he starts to work and organize his local universe.


You are part of Nebadon which is the name of your local universe located in Superunivers n°7 Orvonton, directed by Master Spirit nr.7 - Aya. It is My Son Christ Michael, who will give Fragments of him to fuse with those human souls that seem unable to fuse with their Father Fragment before leaving the local universe for the Spiritual Worlds of the Superuniverses. Those souls will stay then always in the Superunivers.


There are many worlds in the Superunivers of Orvonton, and there are many in your local universe Nebadon. All the worlds that are capable of carrying life will receive the visit at any given time of the Life Carriers, who work with the Melchizedeks to implement life.

Human shapes on other planets coming from animal evolution can be very different in nature and appearance. However they are all human.

There are planets where implanted biological life can only grow to a certain level of mental intelligence. These humans receive Virgin Adjusters that go on these worlds to gain experience. These are worlds where the God Fragments will not create souls capable to fuse with them on the Morontia Worlds. These souls will than fuse with a Fragment of Mother Spirit of this Local Universe, Conjoint of Christ Michael and they will never leave Nebadon.


When the God Fragments achieved a certain level of experience they are called Advanced Adjusters.

If they are immensely experienced with mortals on other planets they are called Supreme Adjusters.


Urantia is different in the sense that when Christ Michael came here for his seventh bestowal under the name-Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus), you all have the opportunity now to receive a Fragment of The Father around your 5-6 years to fuse with on the Mansion Worlds to be able to continue your ascension to Paradise and become 'perfect' as God.


As your world was quarantined, you currently receive many experienced God Fragments: the Advanced and the Supreme ones who live in your mind to develop your soul.


The Thought Adjusters duplicate at the spiritual level all the beautiful spiritual and moral decisions you take with your mortal minds and thus add them to your soul that will this way be able to survive after physical death.

Your soul is Morontial, which means semi-material/semi-spiritual. Depending on your decisions, your actions and your research to understand she will be endowed with a Morontia mind that you'll evolve with the help of your God Fragment, your Angels and your Guides and first and for all by taking the decision to do the Will of The Father by giving you over to Him to receive his Guidance.

It's through progression that your soul will receive a higher and higher Morontia Mind which will influence more and more your mortal mind and your intelligence.


You can reach during your mortal life such a spiritual progression that your mortal mind could merge with the Morontia mind of your soul. If in addition you align your will with the Will of The Father by letting you control voluntarily by your God Fragment,……… then this Divine Spirit, your Morontia mind and your mortal mind will be in complete union.


If you manage to achieve this ‘unity’ here on Earth, you approach very strongly the “pre-fusion” with your God Fragment. When you achieve this union, The Father may grant permission to your Adjuster to use his Pure Energy to transform your physical body in unison with the Morontia body of your soul. You will 'pre-fuse' this way with your God Fragment without the destruction of your physical body.

It is one of the reasons why many Supreme Adjusters come here to pre-fuse with you because this opportunity was granted to the mortals of Urantia. A Virgin Adjuster does not have the needed experience for this.


We are developing with you tests with the permission of the Universal Father, to advance the people in this group to this form of "pre-fusion" which will allow you to use the Pure Energy of your inner God Fragment to send it to individuals, countries and regions. Now you capture the Energy of the Trinity into you to send it telepathically-remotely there where it is necessary but in the case of ‘pre-fusion’ the Energy will come from within because you will use the Pure Energy of your Thought Adjuster.


All this is in experimental stage and we'll see how it will evolve. Still, we would like to emphasize the fact that you will only obtain this capacity by helping your brethren with all means at your disposal.

We will explain more when we will see that all the ones of this group absorb and understand where we are taking them.


I thank you my children to always be faithfully present in these long meditations. Good bye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.