The Hidden Truth.

Session nr.14 of 24 March 2012 --recorded – English translation - Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: E-Maya, B-Maya, Cyril and Wivine.


Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n° 2, the Voice of The Eternal Son.


Kuwaya spoke after 1h09min                      Total time meditation: 1h48min.


Kuwaya: I come to you my children because you have been very disturbed these days. There are indeed many influences on the mortal minds of Urantia to prevent them from going into silence, in meditation for the purpose, and I insist for the purpose, to learn to listen to your God Fragment, a Spark of God that you received to guide you towards Him.


Everyone wants to read messages, express his knowledge, become a spiritual master or a revealer, preferring to search their truths outside of themselves and unfortunately few are willing to search the inner guidance of the God Spark.


The sole reason for the creation of all universes and especially your creation is to give you the opportunity to develop your ‘embryonic human soul’ into a ‘spirit soul that can live eternally’ by following the guidance of your God Fragment. It is only after a slow evolution by following your own path, by making your own experiences that one day you will understand the Living God within, that you will trust Him and will learn to love Him as a benevolent Father; that you will put your hands in His; that you will learn to follow His Guidance and hear His 'Voice', your Guardian Angel’s and your other Guides voices.


How many books, Masters and people told you about this truth that is so simple?


The human mind has been distorted in such a way that they don’t want to be guided by their 'inner voice’; they don’t want to hear about it and so few are looking for this "complicity" with their indwelling God Spark. Mortals prefer to seek their truths outside of them and when they understand a few truths they want to impose and teach their new beliefs to others.


We just want to say here that you don’t have to transmit your great wisdom, sometimes misunderstood and often limited, to others. Tell them simply: Do like me; I meditate, I go every day in silence to listen to my indwelling ‘God Spark’, to love Him, to ask Him to show me the path He prepared for me.

It is with this "intention" that I meditate, that I ask my questions and it is in this silence that I get my answers directly or sometimes indirectly through other sources.


Understand that all are not able to hear us at the beginning and thus we will guide them to a television program, a person they will meet, a sentence in a book or a song that will move their hearts and bring up some emotions. We thus will guide them until they can hear us.


As you go along doing more meditations with the intention to listen to the ‘Voice of God’ by telling Him every day "I want to become like you, I submit my will to yours - that your will be done, not mine, please guide me" - then over time you will begin to hear His voice and ours.


When you hear our voices always ask who is speaking. If you have doubts, nevertheless accept the voice, take note afterwards of what was told to you and if you manage to repeat simultaneously the words you hear in a recorder during your meditation it would be much better because your memory is not infallible.


You will see that over time your mind will less interfere and that you will get more confidence in what you will receive. It is by taking the habit to defer to the ‘Will of God’ and let you guide that gradually you will become able to hear the ‘Voice of God’ in your heart, hear your Angels and your personal Guides, no matter your religious background.

It is the meditation with the intention of relying on God that will be the big trigger of the instant acceleration of the evolution and the development of your eternal soul.


The one and only truth that you must understand and accept: " is to go into silence to have contact with God, to voluntarily submit your will to His, out of Love for Him and with the conviction that his Guidance will never fail." When you are asked what you do, you only answer them this.


Once they have understood and learned to do these meditations with this 'intention', we will take over. We, the God Fragments and the Angels know much better than you the wisdom each person needs at his level of understanding. Don't be surprised that one day great souls will come here in humbleness to participate in your meditations. All this will come.


Not one human being is more important than another for God. All will have to experience to put their will in His Hands and as long human beings will seek their truths outside of them and not inside there will be polemics and religion wars.


It is this great truth that humanity has received several times but who has never been able to take root except in some cases; it is precisely this lost knowledge that has been given back through the Urantia Book that so few read and when they do often drop it.


It must be understood that this book contains a lot of useful truths for you and was transmitted through scientific academic people. When you are told that it's better to start from the beginning that’s because it was written as a scientific book, meaning that you receive first the definitions of the used terms so that there is no confusion afterwards with the terminology.


We observe that those who start to read are often confused with the many different names used for a same celestial personality.

Let’s take the example of the indwelling Thought Adjuster (God Fragment) that is sometimes referred to with five to seven different names. Why was that done? Because many religions and philosophies know about the presence of the Thought Adjuster and they used other names.

This is why all these names were mentioned so that those religions can find their terminology back in the Urantia book and understand that all these different words are one and the same thing.


Another way to begin the reading of the Urantia book in which we'll help you is by asking yourself a question and ask us to direct you to the answer. One of these questions to start could be: "what is a soul? Where does she come from? How is she created?”


We know your level of development and you can ask us to guide you to the passages which are interesting to read and understand at your stage. Believe me, we will guide you when you're trying to learn and understand. We will help you and will send "images" in your mind as an illustration in a book as you read which will help you better understand what is written.


The important thing for us is that you understand the truths that we want to convey to you and not that you know this book by heart. The knowledge and truths that are in this book can be read by everyone who wants to know God and his destiny. Anyone of any religion can read and understand it without having to abandon his religion or his Master-teachers.


One must experience this connection with God to truly understand this great truth described in the Urantia book and God forces no one to read a book during his life. Books are what they are: just an external support for assistance and guidance.


From the moment that you touch the soul of a person by telling that a Spark of God dwells in him and that God will give him all answers when he goes into 'silence' to contact Him, by listening to that living inner voice      you will have accomplished the greatest work we can ask and which is expected from you.


If you achieve this then all of us, The Universal Father, I -The Eternal Son, The Infinite Spirit, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, the Melchizedeks and the Angels, will go towards this soul to help her to find her inner guidance and we will guide this soul to books and those she needs to meet to help her at her level of understanding. You don’t have to tell others what they have to read, believe, drink and eat.


Everything you need to say and don't be afraid to say it when someone asks you what you do in your meditations is: "we go in meditation with the intention to talk to God who lives in us."


You will see how few people will come back to you, saying: "we would also like to experiment the Voice of God within us, tell us what to do?" You'll be surprised how few people want to experience this contact with God in their hearts.


Many people want to meditate to have an empty head, to live special effects around them believing they have reached a high spiritual level by doing so. All what they get is an empty head because there is no place in their hearts for God.

Many people channel, transmit messages often with personal ambitions and neither they have place in their hearts for the ‘inner God’. Look around you and notice how people react when you tell them that you meditate with the intention of receiving the inner guidance of your God Fragment and your Angels. You'll see how people will react and how maliciously this great truth has been destroyed in their minds.


Yet you have those who discover this truth alone, if they are not pushed to follow offices, teachings, spiritual games which distract them of this great truth to find their own guidance.

Make your experiences and we'll talk about it later.


Don't be disturbed by Urantia book or Bible readers who want you to adhere to their beliefs and those truths they understood. Keep doing what you do because it is this example that you are asked to give to others.


This temple where you meditate is a dwelling of celestial teachers of all religions and belief systems. It is open to the public and anyone who enters it feels that something is changing in them, but don’t know what. Even you don’t know what exactly happens here.


We are doing something on the mind and soul of everybody who enters this place so that they become more open to their inner guidance. There is no sign of any religion here except a few words on the walls that say that real revelation comes from within, by seeking God within.


You do not know the people who enter this place and how they are transformed when they come out. We operate these transformations, not you.


Keep going on, my children, continue like you are busy. You will soon receive other means, additional capacities to do a job for us in the invisible world. We don't let you too many remembrances of your trips during your meditations so that it won’t disrupt your daily life that you must carry on as simply as possible.


You are an example to others by coming here to meditate with the intention of opening your heart to God who lives within you, by relying on His Will and asking to receive His guidance. Your group is an example because you come from different cultures, races and religions with considerable age differences and yet you come all to the same understanding due to the fact that you meditate together with the same intention.


Believe me it is a unique experience that we do at the moment here. Many celestial observers are watching how you manage under our guidance and your circumstances to evolve, advance and maintain trust in your God Fragment which has been able to make contact with most of you.


You start to let you guide by Him and you are convinced that under His guidance you can accomplish great things as well alone as together. Your confidence in His inner guidance grew and continues to grow every day because you receive in your daily life the evidence that this guidance exists and is real.


We know very well and it is absolutely certain that you're still humans in your emotions, your anger, your arguments and your quarrels. Humans in general are not ready to always agree among themselves. As long as this remains to small quarrels due to misunderstandings, it is less a problem. If humans worldwide would already arrive at the stage of keeping everything at the level of small bickering, it would be a more pleasant place to live for many of you. So don't worry, everyone is guided, and one day you will be able to explain yourselves when you have matured and received the opportunity.


For the time being avoid accepting new people in your meditations. You arrived at a stage where you cannot accept anyone anymore. If people want to join say 'no'.

Tell them you will teach them how to do it and that they can do it alone or with a few friends to form a group whose members will meditate with the same intention as you do. They will then be able to meditate at their own pace and grow as you under the guidance of ‘God within’. This is what you have to say and then it is up to them to decide whether they want to do it or not.


You show them the 'Prayer to the Father" that you read before the meditation and if they reject it they won't do it, they will leave and don't waste your time to convince them. You are here at school to study and to learn a job. You shouldn't spend your time trying to convert or convince others. This is not your task.


You are trained for a highly specialized job that you will continue to do on the Morontia worlds when you have left your physical body behind you. At this stage of your training you can no longer open your doors to those who want to join out of curiosity or just want to join the party. This is no longer possible.


Everything is well documented here, people can do as you and it is very easy to show them. Afterwards they have to do it themselves and we will take care of them.


Your work is to do your meditations alone or in group and if you wish…… the Urantia book to understand more about what we are talking and where we are taking you.


My children, I hope that I was able to reassure and enlighten you about this long evolution and ascension that you have to undertake, the path to follow and demonstrate to others.


Goodbye, my children.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.