The First Humans.

Session nr.15 of 28 March 2012 –recorded– Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: E-Maya, Carol, Cyril and Wivine

Received by Wivine.


Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit N°2 of Superunivers N°2, The Voice of The Eternal Son.


KUWAYA spoke after 1h41min                     Total time meditation: 2h56min.


Kuwaya: my children, it is Kuwaya here, Master Spirit No. 2 of Superunivers No. 2, the Voice of the Eternal Son-Mother- the Mother of Christ Michael (Jesus). I would like to elaborate on a subject related to the work you do here and your meditations.


There are many things that occurred during the rebellion of Lucifer. Your planet has been quarantined for 200,000 years to protect the Morontia worlds against those who did not or could not accept The Universal Father.


Andon and Fonta were the first real humans born here around a million years ago with personality and intelligence. They were twins, brother and sister, and were always together with much affection and respect for each other. They didn’t look like you, and if you would meet them now you would think that they are still close to the animal and far from having the appearance of current humans. However, they were much more intelligent and had a superior mind than their parents belonging to a tribe of primates.


They were inventive, intelligent, curious, sensitive and aware that they were different from the members of their tribe. This caused tensions and envy with the others because they were so different and one day they decided to flee away from their family and tribe. They knew they were in danger and couldn’t develop their own nature if they would stay.


Contemporary science would speak of a 'genetic jump" because their conscience, their minds, their awareness and their bodies had more capacities than those of the tribe of their parents. They were able to coordinate much better every part of their body and with their inventiveness they succeeded to make tools and use them skillfully to improve their living conditions. It is this ability which makes precisely the difference between a human and an animal.


Andon and Fonta received a God Fragment after their 11 years which began to adjust their thoughts. Following this they started to feel different and gradually they went looking for a "Higher Power" that regulated everything in nature. They first thought it was the fire and then by association the Sun to finally decide for the big strong animals.


Thanks to their aspiration for a Higher Being and their need to worship it, their God Fragment could help their souls to develop.


After their death their souls could continue to flourish on the Seven Mansion worlds, then on the Morontia Worlds until they were able to fuse with their Thought Adjuster on Jerusem, the capital of Satania, your planetary System. When they were informed of their terrestrial life they asked to serve on the First Mansion World to welcome the newly arrived souls from their birth planet.


Some of their children and grandchildren did reach the fusion with their Thought Adjuster, however not all. The souls of the descendants of Andon and Fonta who were unable to fuse with their God Fragment on the Morontia worlds were able to fuse with a Fragment of your Mother Spirit to enable them to pursue their development, their service and their 'souls eternal life' in your local universe Nebadon.


I tell you this story to illustrate that it is enough to feel that there is something like a Grand Creator, something that is more powerful than you, even if you haven't a structured religion, even if you haven’t Revelation Books, even if you do not live in a high intellectual and technological civilization. Anyone who becomes aware of the existence of the Creator of all life, of a Higher Intelligence, can receive a God Fragment which will help their 'human embryonic soul' to develop into an “eternal living soul" thanks to the decisions taken during their life experiences.


I would like you to think about this example.


Never think that The Universal Father will consider someone who has not read your Holy Books as inferior, nor someone who has a life secluded in a jungle and just like Andon and Fonta has the feeling that there is an Almighty Creator. How you perceive God has no importance for Him, or even that you associate Him with the sun, a holy mountain or huge animals. They also receive a God Fragment which will adjust their decisions and actions in such a way that they can develop a soul that will receive the possibility to fuse one day on the Morontia worlds.


This is why we ask you to never denigrate people because they do not follow your religion. Neither the illiterate nor poor schooled ones because they are unable to read or understand your Noble Books.


The "Creator of All" awaits only one thing: that you acknowledge His Presence in all Creation, in yourself and in your brethren.


Thank you my children and goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.