The Ultimate moment approaches.

Session nr.17 of 11 April 2012 – recorded- English translation- Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present:        Wivine and received by Wivine


Visitors:        GAVALIA – 1rst Brilliant Evening Star – Head of these Superangels of Nebadon.

                        LANAFORGE – Sovereign of the Planetary System Satania residing on Jerusem, capital of Satania.


Gavalia spoke after 1h45min                   Total time meditation: 2hours.


Gavalia: I am Gavalia, the first 'Brilliant Evening Star", designed by the Melchizedeks and brought into existence by Christ Michael and Nebadonia.  I'm here with my associate Galantia who is the 1st ascended Celestial who received this title and promotion of "Evening Star". Lanaforge is also here with me. He is the ruler of your planetary System Satania in which you live, with his headquarters on Jerusem, capital of Satania.


We are all preparing ourselves to come to your planet with the Magisterial Son. We will be very close to you, but not in the flesh.


I come to you to talk about the remaining preparatory work to be done in cleaning the "borderland" or the invisible area around your planet. Christ Michael will come soon to finish the cleaning of this planet directed largely by dark forces to transform it into a planet administered by the "Forces of light".


This work will begin soon and will create turbulence in the minds of Earth’s population. Everything is pretty much ready to implement what you call 'the Light network of the Melchizedeks’. This network contains the necessary Morontia energy to feed and help survive the Angels, the planetary Prince and all Celestials stationed around Earth that are working with and for humans, as well as to help some fallen angels who are irrelevant here and a few souls who are not in a hurry to leave the premises.


Christ Michael doesn’t want to lose one soul, one creature of his creation. Please keep in mind that the "rebellion of Lucifer" was an uprising organized by the Celestial children of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. Their children rose against them. When this happened, humanity was still far from its current state, even if it still gives the impression to struggle in darkness.


Christ Michael refused to use his power as a Creator Son and Ruler of this local universe Nebadon to destroy the rebellion. Destroying the rebellion implied all these Angels, Morontia companions, all these Cherubim and Sanobim, even Life Carriers and many other Celestials which had followed Lucifer. He refused to destroy them despite the fact that it was in his power. He looked for many solutions and ended the rebellion only after 200,000 years, when he lived here among you as a human 2,000 years ago. However when he left Earth all was not finalized. The rebellion was halted, but the work and the unfortunate things that took place here to avoid that you would find your Father in Paradise had yet to be destroyed or replaced. Everything is now in place and it will be done quickly.


We will use all people around the world who work for us to implement everything. I warn you that this will trigger a big shock in people’s minds and maybe all will not be able to continue.

Some natural disasters may occur in different places as they do regularly everywhere but by the fact that they could occur at the same time it will increase the mental shock in the awareness of the population.


Many people on Earth have been trained to soften the side effects of what will happen. They will use all their capabilities and receive all necessary powers to remedy the situation.

We are unable to describe exactly what will happen, because it is something that has never been done. After that, Urantia will be ready to receive us all: the Magisterial Son with His 12 Melchizedeks, myself, later Adam and Eve with their children, an army of Angels and other Celestials like Power Directors, which monitor and control the energy.


Thank you, my children, to have taken part in this work. Thanks to all those who will read this message and who have contributed in their own way, in their own niche in this preparatory work. We cannot give you a date, but the time is near, and you know that when we say "it will be soon" it may take a few years.


You shouldn't be afraid, there's nothing to worry about. Follow your inner guidance and you will see how everything will go well. I thank you my children, I am Galantia. Good bye.


Lanaforge: Hello, I'm Lanaforge. I am the Sovereign of your planetary System Satania who replaced Lucifer a while ago. We are all ready for the final cleaning of the 'borderland' and to take all souls who must go to those places that were prepared for them. Maybe you would call them hospitals where the minds of deceased souls are cleaned and adjusted before they continue their evolution on the Mansion Worlds.


Everything goes to its final phase and when everything will be completed and released Christ Michael will take the work in hand to 'illuminate' the entire “Light network” carried out by the Melchizedeks and the Power Directors to destroy and replace the old Energy network infected by Caligastia and his companions.


The Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit will participate in this through Christ Michael. He will work with the combined forces of his Father - the Universal Father, by his Mother - the Eternal Son, the Mind powers of the Infinite Spirit and all this according to the Will of the Supreme Being.


Goodbye, my children. This was Lanaforge here, the Ruler of your planetary System Satania.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.