Help Earth.

Session n°18 of 22 April 2012 – recorded- English translation - Original French.

Place: Keerbergen, Belgium.

Present: Wivine and received by her.


Visitos:          Malvantra Melchizedek

                   Monjoronson–Magisterial Son to come.


Monjoronson spoke after 1h04min.           Total time meditation: 1h27min



Monjoronson: it is Monjoronson here, the Magisterial Son who will soon begin his Magisterial Mission here on Urantia. We know we have to say all the time "soon" because there are always new events delaying our coming. Lanaforge, Gavalia and Galantia are here near me.


I come to tell you, my little girl, that despites your profound desire to arrive as quickly as possible near the Universal Father to be embraced by Him and be able to hold the hand of your Supreme Queen MOM (the Supreme Being), Christ Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek and myself decided to keep you some time with us because you can be of great assistance and this is also true for many others.


All «Light workers», those who know that they are working for Christ Michael, readers of the Urantia book, and all others who work for God without knowing the Urantia book and who are working with their heart for us, your capacities are all equal and still different at the same time.

We placed you all around the globe; you are situated in all important religions even in certain philosophies and movements less known. To all those who have learned to heal with the Energy of the Universe in all the different movements that have been generated: you're all there where you need to be.


We ask everyone to use their skills to help those in your area and see this bigger than the borders of your country; might be better I speak of the continent in which you live.


Send this ‘Light of God’ towards individuals who don't feel well but above all to the

-          Continent in which you live,

-          Then to the Country or State in which you live,

-          Then to the city or village in which you live.


Send it everywhere and I make a call to all those who possess this ability no matter how you call it, as well as to the native population of North, Central and South America which are capable by their songs and rituals to support Mother Earth with their means because she may shake strongly in some places.

It is a call that we launch.


{Note Wivine June 2014: in 2012 there have been 16 earthquakes with a magnitude above 7 on the scale of Richter of which 8 took place on the American continents.}


We will also try to prepare more people who closely follow the Magisterial Mission as well as existing transmitters with this “new system of communication with reflectivity» that we transformed so that it can be used by human beings.


I ask everyone not to tell too much, nor let people waiting for my coming in the flesh, nor for the second coming of Christ because at the moment it is very important to first prepare yourselves for the great mental shock all mankind will receive and the quake this will give both in the minds of people and the physical body of Urantia.


Strengthen yourselves in meditation and go into 'silence' to give you over to the guidance of your God Fragment, your Angels and Spiritual Guides. Ask to receive enough forces and courage to help around you. The situation will not be dramatic everywhere but you still need to be ready, because we cannot predict where the situation will be most difficult and where it will be mitigated.


We ask you to prepare yourself mentally. It can happen from one day to another as it can happen in many months. We ask you to prepare yourselves and ask your God Fragment to guide you in order to be able to cope with these situations.


It is only when all of this will be passed that we can talk again about our coming. Now it is important to prepare you mentally for what will happen. Do not dramatize; do not start to shake like a leaf on a tree in autumn. Take all your courage in both hands and trust God, Christ Michael and Nebadonia and all of us who are here to guide and assist you. All the Midwayers will help and everyone is ready. Maybe nothing important will happen as it may be that there are areas where it will be more serious.

As this has never been done we cannot exactly predict the consequences this will have in the minds of people and the impact on Urantia.


At the moment Lanaforge, Gavalia, and Galantia will deal personally very close with all those who are willing to volunteer to receive our messages with this moderated “communication system with reflectivity", specially developed for humans living in this planet.


I thank you my children, this was my message.


Malvantra: this is Malvantra here. My children, I see that you still have the courage to do these long meditations and I see that you have started to read again the Urantia Book. This is important for us because we have no other means to explain who we are; how you are citizens of a local universe which is located in a Superunivers that is located in the Grand Universe.


We have no other means to explain what Lucifer and your ex-planetary Prince Caligastia did with their acolytes to prevent you from recognizing God in you and prevent you from evolving to The Father in Paradise. This long and promising path will always ask courage and an unshakeable faith in your indwelling God Fragment, this Fragment The Father gave you and that will do everything to help you find your path to Him and that one day will fuse with you on the Morontia worlds.


You are not alone, my children, there are at least five Celestials per individual all the time busy with you and near you, with each individual who searches God and who submits his will to this guidance to become like God.


We repeat it and will continue to repeat it so that your thoughts will never deflect one single second of this ultimate goal. Everything else is just scaffolding and you will still need a lot of scaffolding, higher and more subtle ones to get there. Do not forget that your soul is in her childhood and compared to some others you may certainly have more Light and knowledge but your soul is still in her starting phase, so stay humble.


There are many souls on Earth you might encounter without recognizing them as such. So do not think that if others have not read this or that book, nor followed some teachings that you are superior because God works in everybody in a different way. There are billions of inhabited planets and your Urantia Book was revealed to your planet especially for your specific situation.


A person who loves God and who feels the presence of God within is a person who will also love other kinds of human beings and will be open to other philosophies, religions, cultures and races.


Let no one think that he or she belongs to a culture higher than any other. God looks especially to the "motivation" of individuals and He calls each individual to Him. You are just little children for Him and He loves you all without making any difference. He knows very well that you have sometimes your own ideas and judgments without sometimes realizing it and He has to smile about this because He knows that the more you will approach Him the more this will fade.


Thus enjoy each other for your intrinsic and inherent values as children of God by complementing each other, by learning how to put yourself in the place of someone else or stand in the shoes of others.


Thank you, my children and goodbye.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.