The Melchizedeks are coming.

Session nr.19 of 9 May 2012 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: Keerbergen, Belgium.

Present: Charles and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.


Visitors:        AYA- Master Spirit N°7 of Superunivers N°7 Orvonton – The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

                   Maltucia and Monsanloran Melchizedek.


AYA spoke after 1h10 min              Total time meditation: 1h43min


Aya: I am Master Spirit n°7 of Superunivers n°7, Orvonton. I come to you to announce some very special news.

We have managed to establish a connection between Uversa- the capital of your Superunivers Orvonton, with Salvington - the capital of your local universe Nebadon, with Jerusem - the capital of your planetary System Satania and with your planet Urantia. It is a communication system that works with Tertiary Seconaphim.


We will be able in time to send messages and images that your God Fragment will put in your "supra- consciousness" and that can be seen and heard by the inner organs of the person to whom these images and words will be sent. The Melchizedek brothers have worked hard in recent weeks to connect individuals who will begin one day with this “communication system with reflectivity" adapted to the “Morontia energy grid created by the Melchizedeks”.


This “Morontia Energy Grid of the Melchizedeks” will soon be operative and will replace the “old grid” damaged by Caligastia and his companions.  The time is over for fallen angels and other personalities who decided to continue to follow the ideas of their former leaders as the new grid will destroy them. All Morontia circuits, all energy and Morontia support systems will be replaced and this will be done at once as a sudden downpour falling on you.

This will allow the Life Carriers to establish some very necessary transformations that will enable the future offspring of humans on Urantia to do some important 'genetic jumps'.


The "independent God Fragments” who are here to support this highly specialized program will be the eyes and the word of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son so that this whole operation goes exactly according to “Their Requirements and Plans”.


This “communication system with reflectivity” will also allow the Ancients of Days, the Melchizedeks, Christ Michael and Mother Spirit to follow the operations of the Life Carriers to the millimeter.


This will allow the Magisterial Son to start his Mission on Urantia much faster.


This will allow verifying the soul of all humans who have exceeded the 3rd psychic circle and who are approaching or have reached the 1st psychic circle to see if they are not infected by the false ideas of Lucifer and Caligastia about freedom.


This will allow a very easy way to the Eternal Son, the Ancients of Days and the Council of 24 to see if the soul can continue her path towards the "pre-fusion" with her God Fragment.

This "special pre-fusion" will be permitted to those chosen by the Magisterial Son, Machiventa Melchizedek and Christ Michael to work in the "mortal Corps"


It is important that this be detected before accepting these voluntary and capable individuals so that they can continue their path towards the "pre-fusion" with their God Fragment of which we will give more details later.


Once this "mortal corps" will be complete and proven 100% pure, they can start with a very important preparatory work for the Magisterial Son and when this work will be carried out, the 'breath of the Universal Father" will come through Christ Michael to transform the mortal mind of humans so that they will feel and understand the indwelling presence of God.


Once this event has taken place, those who remain will receive additional training to be part of the “personal mortal staff" of the Magisterial Son. Those will then receive another preparatory work to do before his coming. Its only when this last work will be completed that he will eventually come in the flesh with his '12 Melchizedeks '.


Meanwhile it has been decided that “24” other Melchizedeks will come on your planet before his arrival to help this selected and accepted "mortal Corps" to help them with the first preparatory work before the arrival of the 'breath of the Universal Father" as well as with the second preparatory work.


These Melchizedeks will be known later. It is too early to give their names and tell you if they are already there or when they will come. All this will be confirmed later. You will be helped by the Melchizedeks Tontons; they will be near you before the arrival of the Magisterial Son and it will not be the 12 accompanying him. It will be other Melchizedeks of which some work already in different regions on your planet and they will manifest in due time.


To do all that the “communication system with reflectivity” had to be operative which it is now.


I thank you my children for having listened to me and giving me the floor. Goodbye, my children, and continue as you are busy.

Gavalia, Galantia, and Monsieur Lanaforge are always near you to ensure the proper functioning of these transmissions. Goodbye, my children.


Maltucia: Soon I will work more with you all. It is long time ago I came to see you. One day we will discover together this cave you called "the House of Maltucia” which is behind this Maya village. I will give you the signal when to enter and explore this hidden “house”. Goodbye to all.


Monsanloran: And Yes, I also promised you a little group journey to do something here in Belize. For those who will depart for Europe we have prepared a trip to Turkey and we will tell you the places to visit. Up to you to see how you will all meet there.

We will continue to work together; we didn’t abandon you or forgot you, do not worry.


Carole, I hear your words and prayers…… don’t be concerned.

I confirm to the Maya youngsters, that you will receive more specific guidance for the work that you need to do in the future with your people which is personal to you.


You will continue to work and do things together just as you will receive individual tasks from us in your regions among those who surround you and those with whom we will put you in contact. Goodbye everyone.




For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.