Look at the bigger picture.

Session nr.20 of 19 May 2012 recorded Original English.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: B-Maya, Carole, Cyril and Wivine


Received by Wivine


Visitors: KUWAYA Master Spirit N2 of Superunivers N2. The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Monsanloran and Malvantra Melchizedek.


Kuwaya spoke after 1h53 min Total time meditation: 2h11min.


Kuwaya: it is Kuwaya here, my children, the Voice of the Eternal Son-Mother. I am pleased to see that your group is back together. In the meantime your souls have grown and you should start thinking about your own individual task for which you are personally responsible.


Establish clearly the distinction between the "group meditations" where you grow by learning from each other, where you work together for a common goal and your 'personal mission' which is your own evolution path prepared for you by your Thought Adjuster.


You should all grow up as independent persons who first and for all follow the guidelines of their Thought Adjuster or God Fragment. Learn how to listen to the guidelines of your Thought Adjuster so that he can with your collaboration create you a brilliant soul of high quality with stamina, a powerful will and a good self-esteem; a soul that wishes to serve God and his brethren out of love and who will thus reach the Father in Paradise to become like him.


This is your primary task and your greatest responsibility.


When you meditate in group once or twice a week your Thought Adjusters work together. All your experiences of the week are put together so that everyone can learn from each other. When you consciously or unconsciously do certain tasks during your meditations you become 10 times stronger than the sum of all individuals together.

(Wivine example: If we are with five we won't be 5 times stronger but 5 x 10 = 50 times stronger.)


You help each other to grow, but you are not subordinate to one another or dependent of the other and it's this way you will advance at the same pace.


We follow closely the course of events in your group because you are our first experiment in which adults and youngsters are involved with a significant age difference (between 20 and 66 years in 2012), coming from different continents with differences in culture, race, religion and language.


You managed to meditate together with the desire to be of service. You understand that you are all children of one Universal Father and that you have a young Universal Mother (The Supreme Being) that will grow thanks to your life experiences, actions and decisions.


Understand well that none of you is more important than another to us. You all have a very specific role to play which is often difficult to explain because you lack basic knowledge and dont master enough the content of the Urantia Book.


Even if that were the case we could only give you an approach of what you are involved in and are helping to implement so that others after you could connect and continue to work with it during the coming centuries to help Mankind to progress and thereby your entire planetary System Satania and local universe Nebadon.


I'll still try to explain why the uplifting of Urantia is so important.


Obviously we could have said: "Well, the planet is lost because we cannot do anything with these humans. So lets turn away and let them destroy themselves.


Please, be aware that Christ Michael is responsible as a Creator Son of a local universe to bring back each planet to The Universal Father subject to a rebellion in his Kingdom. It is only in extreme circumstances that a Creator Son requires assistance to save a planet from the clutches of a rebellion.


Your planet is a "decimal planet" which means that we can do some experiments with new life forms or make improvements. All experiments carried out on the "decimal planets" are part of an ambitious plan, a bigger picture. It is not so that Christ Michael and the Melchizedeks with their Life Carriers are experimenting left and right with new life forms or a new type of Man in a random and indiscriminate way just for fun.


Each 'decimal planet' throughout the planetary System of Satania has a very specific role to play because it is part of a larger whole. The loss of the decimal planet Urantia would have caused much damage in Satania, to the evolution of your Constellation of Norlatiadek, to the evolution of your local universe Nebadon and the Superunivers Orvonton.


What went wrong here on this small planet could have had much more serious consequences for the entire Superunivers then you could imagine. It is one of the reasons why we felt the need to help Christ Michael, My Son, as well as the Master Spirit and the Ancients of Days of Orvonton to bring you back on the right track.


We see that everything we have established so far is already beginning to diffuse a good influence. If you continue to do the work you are doing discreetly and regularly, providing your personal contribution to bring this planet towards the era of Light and Life with the help of Celestials and Morontia souls from other planets, your soul will be rewarded considerably. This applies also to all those who are involving themselves consciously and lovingly in their own ways.


Keep doing what you're doing. We will do more experiments with your group that will bring you joy and fun. Goodbye, my children.


Monsanloran: Hello everyone. The father of B-Maya found remains of an ancient Temple in his neighborhood. We ask you all to go there to do a meditation. We will disclose information that we couldn't tell you before. It is important to go there as a group and being not very far you can do it in half a day. Thank you my children, until next time.


Malvantra here: we arrived at the end of the session. Thank you for coming together with so much joy as this makes us very happy; until next time, my children.





For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.