Help the Heads of State.

Session nr 21 of 20 May 2012 – recorded- English translation- Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Received by Wivine during a solitary meditation.

Visitors: Lanaforge, Sovereign of our Planetary System Satania with headquarters in Jerusem.

                   Malvantra Melchizedek.

Lanaforge spoke after 53min         Total time meditation: 1h17min.

Lanaforge: Hello this is Lanaforge here, Sovereign of your planetary System Satania in which your planet nr.606 - Urantia is located. A planetary System can accommodate about 1,000 inhabited planets. A planetary System lies in a Constellation and a Constellation is located in a local universe and a local universe is situated in a Superunivers and your Superunivers is No. 7 called Orvonton.

There are Seven Superuniverses created by Seven Master Spirits circulating around the Isle of Paradise and Havona. It is important that you know this and understand that you are part of a huge Celestial Family. That you are not isolated individuals on a lost planet somewhere in a solar system with a material life ending in less than 100 years.

Humanity is undermined by diseases, by incessant warfare caused by greed, lust for power and due to lack of belief in a Universal Father.

There are indeed many religions on your planet who believe in one God which they give different names and each one is convinced that they adore the only true one. This causes constant frictions, wars and hatred, and each of these religions believes and is convinced that their God is with them.

It is time you rise above this approach because it prevents you to evolve and to live in peace and abundance. There is no abundance without peace.

Constantly feeding the war machine under the pretext that it is necessary to defend yourselves has become a lure. Major influences are at stake with an interest in maintaining this war machine alive. These pressures will soon disappear because they too are under the impact of the dark forces that constantly infuriate the Heads of State as well as the financial and religious world.

This is why it is important to replace as soon as possible the “infected Morontia grid" of Lucifer, Caligastia and their acolytes. Even if the leaders of the Rebellion no longer exist, the system continues to operate independently and their acolytes are still there. Although their time is finished and soon will no longer exist. This dark influence on the financial and religious world as well as on the Heads of State will disappear with them.

Eventually decisions may be taken to create peace, harmony and abundance in all countries on this planet. Still a few local conflicts between ethnic groups may exist but it won't play a role anymore and will certainly not influence the majority of earth’s population.

Thus you will be able to move towards a World Government that will ensure the well-being of all States with all their citizens and not just the welfare of a few.

Those who hold the power behind the curtains, walking for generations with the dark forces are well aware of the situation. They have to change their mentality and redistribute the cards in order to bring well-being and peace into the world so that all Mankind can grow fairly.

This is the answer to your question, my girl, to what you felt when you have sent Energy to Obama – President of the U.S.A., Angela Merkel –Federal Chancellor of Germany – Francois HollandePresident of France.

{Note Wivine: before starting my meditation I was busy with my Energy transfers to individuals and countries when suddenly these three Heads of State came into my mind. I decided to send them a great deal of Energy but by doing so I felt the presence of a huge mass of dark entities or souls around each one of them and I was shocked. I therefore asked during my meditation why this was still possible after all we already had done with The Celestials to eradicate the presence of dark entities and souls.)

There are big issues at stake for the moment and these Heads of State are under great pressure which they do not realize. Continue to help as you did so that their decisions can transform this global economic crisis into an economical success.

Help all your Governments and your Heads of State. Send them Divine Energy with your heart, with all mercy you have so that they make good decisions for the development of their country and that the Heads of State of the biggest Nations transform the situation by their decisions so that there is more sharing around the world.

This is no longer a hidden truth but known to everyone and all are aware of it. Many people start running through the streets without fear and scream over the rooftops that this must change. People no longer accept to pay the debts and the nonsense of those who have governed or still govern them.

The push for change will come from the people, the man in the street and will oblige the Leaders of Countries, States and the World think about the consequences of their decisions and their actions. A big change in mentality will operate because people will no longer accept and will raise their voice.

This is what is happening at the moment on the world map. Many leaders of 'the old methods' will be replaced in time and the new ones will be better advised. Everything will change.

Continue with this work and use your abilities. Help the Heads of State to make good decisions for the well-being of their citizens and the entire world population.

Let us direct them to the right decisions. When you send them God’s Energy of love with your heart and your mercy you open their minds to our influence and the influence of the dark forces will leave.

We know better what needs to be done because we know exactly what is happening behind the curtains. You do not know even if you have some suspicions. You don’t know for sure what actually happens at the two levels, the material and Morontia level around your planet which you often call ‘the astral’.

You, the « Light Workers », don’t get involved with politics and do you work in silence.

Thank you very much and goodbye little one.

Malvantra here: there are indeed still harmful influences and there will be as long as we haven’t destroyed and replaced the 'dark Morontia energy grid” of Lucifer and Caligastia. We have weakened it in many places and we will continue to weaken it with all those who are helping us in this work. In a few years we can replace everything at once. Thanks to these impairments many good things grow everywhere and a change in mentality is occurring in the population. Their fear to speak out is disappearing and they all gather everywhere to show their disagreement.

Don’t be discouraged, my girl.

Keep on with what you are all doing. Continue all to help in your area, your environment, among your friends with your skills and your abilities.

We will get there, all together hand in hand.

Do not be discouraged. Patience is a difficult thing for a human being looking at everything from the point of view of his own earthly life. For a person of 20 years a period of 50 to 60 years is an eternity... everything can be done in his mind; but a person of more than 60 years who began waiting for events... sees time spinning at high speed and sometimes despairs.

We therefore ask all to continue to assist because you don’t work for yourself or the present time, you work for future generations. When you will continue your path on the Mansion Worlds, on the Morontia Worlds and afterwards on the Spiritual Worlds, you'll look back and be proud of yourself to have contributed to something as fascinating as taking Urantia out of the claws of the Lucifer Rebellion with all its harmful consequences.

Thank you my children. We are with you, with all of you.

This girl calls us "her Tonton’s" (French child word for uncle), because that way we seem less severe and closer to her.

Still, be aware that we are also "Your Tonton’s". Goodbye and thank you.



Pour les explications des mots en bleu voir le Livre d’Urantia.